BluRay Cover Printer


Create cover inserts for your Blu-rays and DVDs


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If you're burning a Blu-ray or DVD, you might want to have a good way to store the disc when it's not in use. You can use BluRay Cover Printer to create original cover inserts to keep your discs in good shape in a case with a cover that accurately identifies its contents.

The program is designed to help you make your designs with just a few clicks: just drag an image into its interface, and decide whether the result that you want should be sized for a Blu-ray or DVD case.

Once you've added your image, you just need to hit the 'print' button and your cover art will be sent directly to your printer so that you can package up your disc and move onto the next one.

Any images that you use for your cover will be treated in BluRay Cover Printer in their original size, and you won't be able to edit them inside the program, so make sure that you're using images that are already correctly sized for your cases.

- The free version only has a BluRay and DVD cover insert editor.

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